Residency Statement

Recognizing my need for a safe recovery environment, I would like to apply for residency to the Sober House Delray.

I understand that my voluntary stay at the Sober House Delray is designed for my educational needs. The sober life that I am going to lead will require instruction and the Sober House Delray is dedicated to the educational needs of the recovering person. My continued residence at the Sober House Delray is dependent upon my ongoing educational growth, which helps myself and others.

Should an accident involving personal injury to myself or loss or damage of personal property occur during my residence at the Sober House Delray, I agree for myself, my heirs or assigns, to hold Sober House Delray free and harmless from all liability in connection therewith.

Any personal property left upon my departure from the house which is not claimed within five(5) days by me or my authorized agent shall become the property of the Sober House Delray.

Anyone may be subject to dismissal for willful misconduct, which is defined as conduct harmful to the reputation and best interest of the Sober House Delray. This dismissal will be in accordance with section 117.06 of the city of Delray Beach ordinance 30-09 Tenant/Occupant eviction, which requires either forty-eight (48) hours notice of eviction in writing or an alternate temporary dwelling unit for at least forty-eight (48) hours.


We at the Sober House Delray believe that every person has the ability to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We believe willingness, honesty and humility are the cornerstones that begin this process.

We believe that each resident should be involved in their personal recovery, family and community. We do not believe in sitting around, isolating ourselves from these things. It’s time to start giving back and stop giving nothing.

Each resident will have two weeks to secure sponsorship in either AA, NA or CA.

The Sober House Delray insists every resident be employed full time, attend school full time or be involved in meaningful and structured volunteer work within two weeks of admission into our residence. Resident’s who have put forth a thorough effort but have been unsuccessful in there attempt to gain employment, will be given assistance in finding employment or directed towards charities that need help.


We at the Sober House Delray offer a view into a better life, a life that you and your family deserve. Let us show you some solutions in sobriety.

  • Complete 100 meetings in 100 days by going to one meeting a day. Then make at least five (5) meetings a week minimum.
  • Talk to your sponsor daily.
  • Work the steps with your sponsor and start changing your life immediately.
  • Start to practice prayer and meditation daily, asking for help in the morning and giving thanks at night.
  • Conduct yourself with integrity and treat others with respect. Remember that you represent the Sober House Delray and the fellowship of recovery.
  • Live at the Sober House Delray for six (6) months and complete successfully and become an Alumni that is always welcome at our residence.

Pass Policy

Residents are eligible to go on an overnight pass after thirty (30) consecutive days residency. A pass request must be filled out and given to a staff member at least one week prior to taking an overnight or multiple night pass (4 nights maximum). Residents must be in good standing with the Sober House Delray requirements in order to request a pass.

Residents returning from pass must coordinate with a staff member and submit to drug and alcohol testing before they are allowed inside residence, there are no exceptions to this rule.

During a thirty (30) day period, residents may request either two (2) overnight passes (one (1) night each, not back-to-back weekends) or one (1) multiple night pass (not to exceed four (4) nights). A negative drug and alcohol test is required for return to the Sober House Delray.

House Guidelines

  • No Alcohol or drugs on property. No mind or mood altering substances are allowed, Kava/Kratom/Spice/TripleC/Steroids, etc.
  • No Gambling of any kind.
  • No smoking, vaping or dipping/chewing inside the house.
  • No physical acting out or threating against another resident or staff member. Criminal charges can and will be filed.
  • No visitors are allowed inside the house or hanging around outside the house.
  • No females are allowed anywhere on property.
  • No intimate behavior is allowed on property.
  • No vehicle maintenance is allowed on property.
  • No NEW tattoos or piercings while at the Sober House Delray.
  • No gaming systems (Xbox,Ps4,etc.) are allowed at the Sober House Delray.
  • Each resident must attend the weekly house meeting, no exceptions.
  • Each resident must notify staff immediately of any medication changes.
  • Each resident is responsible for there own personal cleanliness, the cleanliness of there room and the completion of there assigned weekly chore which will be maintained daily.
  • Each resident is responsible for purchasing there own food.
  • Each resident is responsible for there own transportation.
  • Borrowing without permission is stealing, that will result in resident being discharged from house.
  • Rent is due on Friday of every week, a late fee of $20 a day starts after forty eight hours of non payment.

Weekly Rental Agreement

1/2 Way house rental agreements are $215 weekly for a two man room and $240 weekly for a single room. Move-in is First + Last + $150 non-refundable Admin fee.

3/4 House rental agreements are $225 weekly.  Move-in is First + Last.

Prior to occupancy, the following funds are required:

  • First and Last week rent, rental week starts on Friday’s.
  • Administration fee of $100 ( non refundable)
  • Commitments not started on Friday’s will be prorated based on desired room.
  • First week applied immediately and last week rent applied at completion of commitment.


  • • You have remained at residence for six months.
  • You have done no damage to the Sober House Delray or any other property.
  • You have given a minimum seven day notice of your intent to move.
  • You have remained drug and alcohol free for six months.
  • You have not removed any property belonging to the Sober House Delray.
  • You are current financially and not in arrears with the Sober House Delray.

No amount will be returned/refunded or applied if you do not stay the recommended six months, have used drugs or alcohol or displayed behavior which is unacceptable. In addition, since rent is paid by the week, if you leave before the week is up, there will be no refunds made for unused days.